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How are you?


Seriously, how are you really doing?


So often we edit our replies according to who is listening, where and when. Even with a loved one we can be aware of and worried about the effect our words and thoughts could have on them.


In counselling sessions It’s OK not to be OK, and its OK to say so.


I would like to offer you a safe, confidential, professional space that is yours and yours alone. You can turn off the filter, and say it how it really is.


Most people at some point in their life experience emotional or relationship difficulties. These can be short term problems, which are reactions to life events, as well as difficulties you may have been struggling with over a longer period of time.


• Counselling provides the opportunity to explore issues within a safe and confidential environment.


• Counselling offers the space and time to develop a greater understanding of your difficulties and to make sense of what is happening in your life. It provides the opportunity for personal development, to take greater control of your life, and to make changes for the better.


• I have experience in working with a wide range of issues including bereavement and other losses, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, childhood abuse, anger management and low self-esteem.

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