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Couple Counselling


 My belief is that conducting a long-term, close and monogamous relationship is a lot harder than most of us ever imagined it could be. On the one hand our biological drives, designed to ensure survival of the species, work against our remaining faithful to just one partner and, on the other, society promotes a fairy-tale version of marriage which is unsustainable. Many people enter a relationship thinking the honeymoon will go on forever, only to find their expectations shattered and themselves locked in conflict with their partner or confused by feelings of failure.


 Despite this, I believe that relationships are what make people mature and grow as human beings. Living alone, we can stagnate and become rigid in our thinking. Managing individual growth within a relationship requires commitment and respect for the other and can be an acutely painful process but is, I believe, ultimately hugely rewarding. Counselling can help couples re-evaluate their expectations of each other and their relationship by providing a safe environment to explore sensitive issues, by aiding communication and by bringing an understanding of the difficulties that couples often confront.


I generally see couples for a one & a half hour session on a weekly basis to start with, which may reduce to fortnightly or monthly as appropriate.


I charge £65 per session

All couples are welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality, age or length of relationship.

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