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Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counselling so it it of the utmost importance to me that I do everything possible to safeguard your privacy.



What information I collect:


I collect your name and contact details along with information about your current GP. I also record the dates of when we have met.


I will enquire as to whether you are taking medication for anxiety and depression and whether you are using alcohol or any other drugs.  However, I will not record or store this information.


How your information will be used


I will securely store your information for all the time that we are working together.  When we have completed our work, I will continue to store this data for a further 12 months in case you wish to return. After 12 months I will delete the contact information and merely keep a list with your name and the dates of when we were working together. This list will be kept securely for the next 6 years.  After 7 years I will delete all information.




Information I collect will be stored in either a secure locked filing cabinet when I am not in my consulting room, or in a password protected document/file on a secure computer used only by myself.  

I will avoid sending any personal information via email and all email correspondence in relation to arranging sessions, for example, is deleted once the conversation is complete.  Text messages and voicemails will also be promptly deleted.


Data sharing


I will not share your data with anyone without your prior consent.  If you have come to see me through an employee assistance programme or because of an insurance claim we will discuss what information may be shared with them.


How to access and amend your information


You can request access to the information held about you. You may also ask for this personal information to be amended or deleted. I will provide this, except in circumstances where I am required to keep the information for legal, professional or auditing purposes. Any requests for your information to be accessed, shared, amended or deleted must be made in writing.


I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (registration reference: ZA321062)