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Often the terms counselling and psychotherapy are used interchangeably and there is undoubtedly quite a large degree of overlap between the two professions.  Both are essentially talking therapies.


As a rule of thumb, counselling is often a short to medium term, focussed approach while psychotherapy can be longer term, allowing time to work at a deeper level with issues that may originate in childhood or have developed later through trauma, for example.


A psychotherapist  can  work with the same issues that a counsellor would, such as bereavement, depression and anxiety. A counsellor, however, may not have the experience or training to offer in-depth psychotherapy.


I am able to offer a choice of both counselling and psychotherapy according to what best fits your needs and interest.  Sometimes it will be clear after an introductory session whether short term or longer term work is appropriate while, other times, a change of focus will emerge after a number of sessions and then a discussion will take place to decide if you want to work at a deeper level and commit to longer term work.  In these decisions, I am committed to acting ethically and will never suggest therapy that is not necessary or in your best interests and will always respect your freedom to choose what is right for you.



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